Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30-day yoga journey

Here is the perfect kick-start to my yoga-every-day project. Deborah Bernstein, yoga teacher and writer, is offering a 30-day yoga journey for whoever wants to take their yoga practice to another level. Every day for the next thirty days, Deborah will send a practice tool to my inbox.

From her email:

I've sketched out a process of physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotionally nourishing practices to live over the next 30-days. Some are practices that I developed to enhance my well-being and some are practices that I have researched and learned about from others.

Today's practice:

Day 1: Commit to your self-care For today, write an affirmation that is a contract with yourself. Commit to 30-days of wellness, perhaps note a goal, or perhaps keep it open-ended to see what outcomes arise naturally.

And here is my affirmation:

I commit to thirty days of yoga. I open my body, mind, and spirit to the magic of daily yoga. I will find the time and space and the mood for yoga, even on days when there is no time, space, and mood. I will listen to what my body has to teach me. I will honor my aspirations, be they lofty or shallow, for a better, more beautiful, happier me.

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